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Aw! 3 years ago
People voting down Nina now. :( C'mon she's hot at any age and the only porn actress who can actually act.
TurnTable 3 years ago
These saggy tits at 04:42 was such a turn off
damn 3 years ago
im 19 and i dont mind getting fucked by her
Andre 3 years ago
Nina is in a league of her own
Carla 2 years ago
His dick was 100% A grade natural uncircumcised cock!
scooter 3 years ago
Nice tight body for an old broad, but her fake tits need to be redone, they probably looked good 30 years ago when they were first done.
John 3 years ago
What a lady!!
Slayer 3 years ago
Her and 2pac had sex
Ngl... 2 years ago
Ngl... this acting was up to part. Not to mention how it seemed like they were fucking as if they were in a long time relationship. It seems real better than the dumb moans you get like “oh yes,” “ oh god” like Nina took her script and ran w it
3 years ago